We aren't totally unaware of an Era during which India had been regarded as the Cornucopia of Knowledge and Learning. And we had been very much eloquent about that particular Era, and we had also courted ecstasy and awe in the Flood Lights of fame and reputation that we earned during the said Era. And curiously enough we are the last links in the long chain of successors to the vast treasure of our Heritage Learning and Techniques. And certainly we will hard over this legacy to the emerging generation.

The LEARNING that is handed over to us is being presently exchanged to the next generation and while doing so, we will invariably include in its first page itself a footnote containing matters churned out of our unhealthy and infirm guesses and conclusions as also the distorted and venomous scientific as well as logical thoughts included in and imposed upon our feeble brain.

  • Our descendents who flip over the pages therein are bound to see first of all our logical notes. The moment they digest the said notes they will invariably desert their ideas of the pursuit of knowledge. By our rash and negligent act knowingly or unknowingly we are closing the doors leading to a profound Study and Research on the matters of gravity which in due time would have culminated into good and healthy fruits vital to the community at large.

This exactly is the way in which we are brutally denied the fruits of a number of Heritage Learning and Techniques. India became the enviable model for the whole World not because of any Divine Boon, but because of the proper engagement in the various kinds of Vedic observations and awe-inspiring feats. And for that purpose they had just to refer and adopt the then existing guidelines concerning the ancient Indian Knowledge and Learning. And as a result of such pursuit only they became genius. And by the same token, as a result of this pursuit only people of unquenching thirst for knowledge and learning, hailing from the different parts of the World crowded about us for learning and enlightenment. Then colonial powers conquered our land and ruthlessly they imposed upon us baseless and meaningless doctrines by virtue of which we were deprived of our treasure of Ancient Learning and Techniques. Thus those Colonial Powers succeeded in suppressing our precious Ancient Learning and Techniques.

What we said and did by means of experience emerged out of the might of our mind and soul. With the origin of race and caste knowledge and learning lost its originality and it came under the monopoly of a few persons. Tough competition set in and for the purpose of establishing supremacy the descendents adulterated our Heritage Learning and Techniques. The Colonial Powers, duly motivated by the yearning of driving our generations away from the treasure of Ancient Heritage Learning, highlighted, pointed out and maliciously used the elements of adulteration and deliberately blended them with our Heritage Learning thereby degrading it and labeling it as crude, primitive and inconsistent. It hit the target. The Indians deserted their own beloved and valuable treasure. And the result?

Intellectual voidness and a state devoid of self-esteem thrust upon the otherwise resourceful Indians, rendering them to the status of a menial musical instrument that could be played upon by any Tom Dick or Harry at any given time: Say, the position of bondage.

Could We set back the needles of the clock? The answer is in the affirmative.

While we are engaged in the act of setting back the needles of the clock we must check the list of people who oppose such act as well as those who display the element of fear and doubt. A closer observation will bring to light the glaring fact that they all are in veils never displaying or betraying their own real intent. Their only object is to eradicate our precious Heritage Learning and Techniques. That is to say that they are dead against the reinstatement of our age old treasure of learning.

At this point of time we have to remind ourselves the fact that scores and scores of Western Scientists like Albert Einstein engaged themselves in the untiring Scientific Research that led to many discoveries all the while meditating over our Mantras as a result of which even the minutest and microscopic realms of the brain are being subjected to rejuvenation and activation. And by the same token they are ever awake and active and they do relentlessly engage themselves uncompromisingly in repeated Researches. And as far as we Indians are concerned, we are quite happy and enjoy sleeping. And further, we are being put to sleep also.

But why? That is the fact we have to identify and comprehend. Many people do not realize and comprehend that if we succeed in reinstating our Ancient Learning and Techniques we would grow genius as a result of which the element of dependence and slavery in us will evaporate into thin air at their detriment. They want to keep us safely as their own Great Market eternally, without any disturbance and interruption. With this object in mind, they perpetually are engaged in ridiculing and tarnishing our attempt to reinstate our Heritage Learning. Apart from this, they are also engaged in propagating things that influence us by means of audio visual programmes thereby enhancing our doubts, fears and anxiety.

The inevitable reinstatement is now imminent: Identity, realize and comprehend the Ancient Learning and Techniques of India. By doing so, we could enhance the might and ability of our mind and brain. No force in this universe, however mighty it be, could ever vanquish us physically and mentally.