This is the question that is repeatedly asked by the parents and guardians of the students who have successfully undergone our training. They are, from the very results they personally witnessed, certain that the answer would be in the affirmative.

It should be maintained that they do cherish such a dream. And are they to be blamed? No. Not at all. For, we ourselves too cherish the said dream. And triggered by full optimism we are modifying the present training programme. There is only a slight difference between children who don't see with their eyes and those who see with their eyes.

In the former category, images do not fall on the retina. In the case of the latter category images do fall on the Retina. From this it is quite certain that even in the case of blind children, if they acquire the sense of Alternate Vision, they could see the objects and images. In such case, the absence of Retina (They being blind) does not in any way hinder their Alternate Vision.