ChairmanThe multifaceted young physician Dr.Bose Sreenivas who has been, for the last two decades, rendering his services in the field of psychology, having successfully treated and cured thousands and thousands of patients leaving thereof his hard earned stamp of individuality is the founder chairman of the BRAINS. Apart from being an expert physician in the field of psychology the said Dr.Bose Sreenivas is one of the leading psychological counsellors - a talented and perfect Healers fighting against the diverse illness and deformities associated with the human mind in the Malabar zone. Further, he is one of the valiant soldiers in the forefront of the force fighting against the violation of Human Rights of every description. And, although constantly engaged in the task of discharging his duties as a social reformer he finds enough time to act as the General Secretary of the Association for Human Rights - the Pivotal Human Rights Organization in Kerala.

The lack of wholesomeness and the excess of short sightedness prevalent in the western psychology made the mind concentrate more and more on Indian psychology. The proper and exclusive awareness of the hollowness and absurdity of the Doctrines reflected in the physical and rational factions surfaced during this period of time. Even such Doctrines as well as other scientific doctrines failed to offer any plausible and satisfactory explanations for the real life experience. This naturally gave rise to the foundation of a Research Society dealing with miracles. The result was marvelous. Many a thing and matter taken and regarded as the object of neglect indifference, ridicule and blind belief subsequently turned out to be scientific facts quite possible of conclusive tests. By this time it was quite apparent that such things were so far regarded as unscientific because of the lack of the necessary tools and tackles with Science.

The study and research related to the topics of human body, neuroscience, Hypnosis etc. through conventional methods became highly revolting and disappointing as they presented a full and monotonous follow up. This naturally prompted a journey based on more scientific procedure. The results thereof were quite rational and distinct and declared such things and matters including the knowledge, hearing and techniques, therein as highly scientific. This naturally prompted more and more self research.

The very realization that the Heritage Learning and Techniques themselves do possess the ability to offer real and plausible explanations for many experiences of ours filled the mind with the astonishing comprehension that the journey up to that point of time was in total darkness. The long and strenuous journey, under the due guidance of real Masters, scanning the secret chambers of Indian learning commenced with this solid awareness. And it was during such a result oriented expedition that the facts in relation the astounding ability of the Heritage Learning and Techniques for enriching, enhancing, activating and rejuvenating the human brain activities were in fact spotted and ascertained. And this is the context in which the study and research programme on the topic was really initiated, What ensued was a line of research programmes on many an Indian learning that were duly noted and encouraged by the foreigners as also on a series of fields involved therein. Then again, got intensive training in this field and further conducted independent researches on the cause and effect involved therein. Special stress was given for discovering the way or method in which such information could successfully be used for discovering the art remedial measures for the cure of bodily and mental illnesses. The said remedial measures were frequently applied to a number of cases for ensuring perfection. And the results were highly satisfactory and reassuring. The rigorous course of action engaged in the process for years together gave credence to the net results. And its propriety and significance also were duly established.

The very series of research conducted for finding out as to how and in what manner India was universally considered as the sole source of learning resulted in some wonderful discoveries.

When the training programmes of the Heritage Learning and Techniques, duly supplemented by modern technical systems were imparted to students they exhibited a very high degree of intellectual faculty when compared to the students of ordinary nature. This experience brought about another miracle. A training centre was duly established for converting the students as genius. And by this time hundreds and hundreds of students have been transformed into genius.

The fact that the Great and Noble Learning and wisdom which should have attended the doctoral qualifications made available presently by resorting to the most modern study scheme has deliberately been kept out of reach of the students. This is the real reason for pursuing our own heritage learning and techniques for better results.

Here is the greatest task on hand. It is of common knowledge that if the results of any research are expected to be passed down to the future generations for their welfare such results should be made to pass through a series of tests and demonstration. For then only it could be treated as a scientific result. And once the results concerned turn out to be yielded from the Heritage Learning and Techniques the condition precedent gets tighter and tighter. Needless to add here that the Indian frame of mind and attitude presently is governed by the western scientific vision and it seldom gives credence to abilities manifested in actual experience - A Real Paradox. Therefore, that task also is presently undertaken. In other words his credibility depends on the scientific approach by virtue of which he is convinced of the scientific way in which such results occur. As this is the condition precedent for reinstating our Heritage Learning credibility and esteem, due attention is being given to this problem right now by the Brains.