It is the very Heritage Learning perfected through centuries of Research and Practice that literally lifted up the aspirant Indians to the zenith of knowledge, wisdom and envious position..

Then again, it is the very same Heritage Learning that identified the means and ways by which the mind and brain of the multitude could be activated, strengthened and reinforced to such an extent as to render such persons intellectual giants who subsequently made the Ancient India the Sun and Source of Knowledge for centuries together.

And it is this object that every foreign colonial power who longed to establish its monopoly and power over the Indian rich resources pursued and eventually emerged successful.

It is the irrefutable conclusion that it is the stern and perfect Spiritual Education and the effective Heritage Learning and its strenuous practice on long term basis that is the very foundation of our Intellectual progress and development of every description. It is just a fact that such foreign agencies invariably gained the firsthand information on the propriety and relevancy of the said fact as a result of which they ruthlessly and unscrupulously suppressed its long lasting benefits thereby undermining our rich treasure of Heritage Learning thereby depriving us of its bounty. And we the hapless Indians failed to comprehend this vital truth as a result which we passed our time mocking and rebuking our rich treasure of Heritage Learning as a product of blind belief and superstition. As such the process of study and research on the topic of Brain Empowerment assumed the position of a mirage in the desert of wilderness. Barains

There then followed a system of brain washing that made each and every item of knowledge and technique of foreign origin something spectacular which eventually was made acceptable to us even without any sort of hesitation and the resourceful foreigners employing their net work of supporters quite succeeded in vanquishing our dear old Asset.

Such a state of affairs rapidly and effectively rendered the Indians insolvent in terms of self prestige and will in a slavish manner. And naturally sustaining a heavy loss in terms of inquisitiveness and intelligentsia the hapless Indians were taken for a ride by which even the art of asking plausible questions also deserted them. And a new system of curriculum that seemed quite welcome to them was evolved thereby limiting the chances of brain empowerment.

In a wall-the once resourceful Indians thus were reduced to the level of barbarians who don't even comprehend the vital truth that he who doesn't value his own worth will never be regarded worthy by the world itself.

Under the circumstances, if we really desire an Enlightened Civilized and Prosperous India with resourceful, courageous, worthy and ideal Citizens with fresh vision and will power we are bound to retrieve our long lost Heritage Learning and Practice.

In other words without regard to the amount of effort that might be involved in the actual process of reclamation, planned and meticulous action should be taken up to shed away the dust and taint adhered to our Heritage Learning that had been put to rust in oblivion, to bring its finest points to the multitude Scientifically and in a systematic study scheme according to which the needy Indians should be reinforced uncompromisingly.

Closely pursuing this rigorous course of action we could climb up and up into a zone of credit, honour and prestige.

Let us not, even for a moment, forget and ignore the fact that a host of resolute and dark agencies including resourceful and merciless foreigners who with their vast funds and influence employ ruthless and wicked spies for intimidating and undermining our precious treasure of Heritage Learning thereby depriving our motherland identifying, comprehending, avoiding and uprooting those antisocial elements in the guise of our patrons who as a result of the liberal funds they derive from the dark agents willing themselves to undermine our solidarity, integrity and status.

As they hold the fort of formal education by securing their black agents quite successfully in all the relevant system of education, we cannot expect an easy way of inducting the said educational study programmes in relation to our Heritage Learning.

In other words such antisocial elements are ever vigilant in defeating any positive action taken up for the reinstatement of our Heritage Learning System. It must be remembered that the absence of self prestige and matured degree of comprehension on the part of the present Indian generation acts as a boon for the aggravated damage resulting from the wicked deeds of such black agents.Barains

Under the circumstances we must admit ourselves the grave and terrifying fact that even at this lapse of a few centuries henceforth also, we could never emerge successful in reclaiming the lost glory of our Ancient Indian Union.

And this unalloyed and mature comprehension is the very foundation on which the relevant study and research on the topic of MOULDING THE GENIUS by resorting to an effective system of education deep rooted in our age old Heritage Learning and Practice has been voluntarily taken up by the BRAINS.

It is hereby stated declared affirmed and confirmed that The School of Conscious Science is the offspring of the BRAINS, created and constituted as an Educational Institution with the main object of setting the stage of a rigorous curriculum based on the findings to which the future younger generation of India could be inculcated the vital elements of the said Heritage Learning and Practice whereby they could be transformed as genius in whose mighty and expert hands our motherland could win back the lost glory of our Nation.