Our earnest attempt to find out the nature and extent of the influence caused by Yoga and Meditation on the problems of study of the student community eventually led us to the Research on Nada Yoga and Natya Yoga. When the students were subjected to our specially designed programmes during which Manthras and special Beejakshara of different frequencies were habitually recited, numerous abilities that surfaced in them caught our attention. After a series of tests and observations in this regard a programme ensuring cent per cent positive results was evolved locally and conclusively.

Prof. Makoto Schichida of Japan identified and found out the fact that students could be made genius by properly activating the Right Hemisphere of the Brain. Now, for about the last 40 years the Shichida Academy, founded by the said Professor, is perpetually engaged in converting students into Genius. In many parts of India also such laudable service is being rendered. However, we have, during a very short span of time in the past, formulated a study programme based on the induction of our Heritage Learning Techniques on students thereby converting them to Genius. And, incidentally, hundreds of students have been made Genius by the application of the said Hereditary Techniques, with positive results.

Presently, for the purpose of studying the changes brought about in the human body and brain by the induction of the Heritage Learning Techniques, duly incorporating all available data and information in the respective field and reinforcing the remedial measures as also for affording plausible scientific explanations in the light of Modern Science, the Board of Research and Analysis in Intuitive Neuroscience (BRAINS) an NGO, duly formed with the participation of a bunch of Doctors, Scholars, Philosophers, Spiritual Acharyas, Veda and Yoga Acharyas, Psychologists etc is proceeding ahead with its effective Study and Research Programme.