BRAINS is charged with the following objects;

  • To conduct Scientific Research, Studies, and Investigations in the fields of Brain Technology, Neuro Science, Intuitive Neuro Science, Psychology. Parapsychology, Humanities & Life Science.
  • To engage in inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary Research in Indian Traditional Science and Heritage Knowledge and to undertake Research on behalf of Governments, Public and Private Sector agencies…
  • To share specific and interdisciplinary knowledge among the Scientific Community World wide, and to network with other organizations for the purpose of creating a collaborative environment in the promotion of Scientific Research as also for holding local and International Congresses for such purposes.
  • To foster excellence and innovation in the dissemination of knowledge, to publish journals, manuals, and other printed media including e-Journals with the object of communicating its findings and sharing them with professional Network Worldwide.
  • To advance Indian Culture and Literature and render its Service for the well-being of our Nation.
  • To maintain, uphold and safeguard the honour, dignity and the interests of Indian Culture, Indian Psychology, Ancient Indian Learning and allied subjects.
  • To promote and propagate the bona fides of the Indian Heritage and Traditional Sciences like Yoga and Meditation, Mind/Brain Empowerment Training, Intuitive Mind Empowerment, indian Spirutuality, Indian Neuro Science, , Indian Psychology, Indian Philosophy, Indian Vedas, Indian Upanishaths, Indian Traditional Manthric and Thanthric Vidyas, Foklore Studies and Indigenous Indian Medical Systems.
  • To conduct rigorous Study and Research on the aspects of 'Consciousness',its capabilities, its very existence as also of 'Soul'duly employing ancient and modern concepts and notions.
  • To subject the changes occurring or caused in the human brain as well as in the neurons and glands of the brain by the indian Heritage Learning to a detailed Study and Research, harmoniously blending the ancient and modern means.
  • To conduct profound studies on the ancient hereditary techniques of india in the light of modern scientific postulates and to ascertain with certainty the scientific truth and propriety lying hidden therein.
  • To study the salient features of the abilities and competency that could be procured by the suitable and proper application of the Indian Techniques as also to engage in a systematic research on the subject matter.
  • To study the aspect of Universal Energy in general and also the aspect of its propagation through animate things and through man in particular. To study the different ways in which the Universal Energy that is absorbed and accepted by the human body could properly and effectively be utilized. And also to study and Research in depth, as to how the Universal Energy could be utilized for mitigating physical and mental uneasiness. To study the various centres of Energy that exist in the human body and to conduct Research on the aspects of their activities, their absorption, maintenance and distribution and the like.
  • To subject the relation that subsists between spirituality and Brain as also its influence on human mind and body to rigorous Study and Research.
  • To conduct Study and Research on those original indian hereditary techniques owned and possessed by other local or foreign agencies and which subsequently have been known in various other adopted names.
  • To conduct Study and Research on ancient Heritage Techniques, to codify the end results scientifically and in conformity with modern standards and quality: to render them the form and shape of a study scheme as also to induct the same in relevant courses of study to be pursued by the needy student community.
  • To found, commence , conduct, run maintain and own educational institutions as also to engage other independent educational institutions for the purpose of educating teaching and propagating the study scheme evolved and maintained by The BRAINS duly supported by the relevant syllabus thereby offering every world citizen an opportunity to recognize and honour the unchallenged supremacy of the Indian Heritage Learning.
  • Affiliation may be made available to the needy institutions as and when required.
  • To organize joint ventures with the Government, Voluntary organizations etc.and propagate and promote the study and research of THE ANCIENT HERITAGE LEARNING OF INDIA for the well-being of the world at large