Even in this early stage itself we are certain that our special training programme when applied to the prospective students does activate and rejuvenate their five senses as a result of which certain parts of their brain and especially the Pineal glands, get activated to the optimum level. It is this agitated state of the said Penial Glands that is responsible for the surfacing of the said special faculties and talents.

During such training programmes the play cards they are using become more and more significant and instructive. For example, the children playing are made to hold the cards close to their ear. Then they are instructed to drum the card with their finger and produce the resultant sound. Now, just by listening to the sound emitted there from they are able to reveal, even without a glance at it, its number and color. Similarly, they are made to rub the card on the skin of their arms. And when instructed, even without looking at the card, they could reveal its number and color. Further, after blocking off their sight or vision, they are asked to feel the card using their finger. In such cases also they could reveal the details of the card. And remaining in the same blind-folded position they could pass the finger on the pages of a book and read the contents therein.

As the Intuition Ability and the sensitivity of the inner eye increase stage by stage, their ability to learn things as well as to retain the learned things goes on increasing incredibly. Further, their individuality also exhibits positive and sharp changes. They became more and more enlightened and cultured. Their love for fraternity and love for service to the Society enhance. In addition to this, they get emancipated from all sorts of ill addictions that ultimately render them wicked and wretched.

Here, we submit that the Main Object for which we divined and developed the said training programme is that of arming the student community with the required Caliber of intellectual efficiency and proficiency with which they could circumvent the pestering problems they have to face in their studies as also for acquiring mastery over learning duly resorting to the exploitation of our Heritage Learning and Techniques. As such, the emergence of the extra and special powers and abilities that invariably dawn in the respective student community shall only be deemed as bounties or gifts of our Heritage Learning in acceptance and recognition of the dedicated course of conduct proceeding from the student community and their parents and Guardians and that shall be dedicated to the Indian Union thereby enriching its honor and esteem.

This is not an isolated case. Even in the remote past, as we are told by the Epics, there existed in India people bestowed with exemplary talents and profound intellectual faculty. And such feats might have been procured only by maintaining a rigorous and flawless study scheme carefully evolved from the first principles of our Heritage Learning.

We Indians, of present generation shall, of necessity, endeavour to appreciate the baffling and mysterious gifts that our Heritage Learning confers on us. And once we nurse this firm belief we will free ourselves from the treacherous act of tarnishing our own Heritage Learning.

Let us remind ourselves that presently India is undergoing the process of resurrection which invariably calls for an enlightened people with high caliber intellect. And as we could readily generate and retain such boundless intellect by resorting to our own Heritage Learning why should we wait for the bounty of the Westerners? And presently India stands with raised head -a commitment of History.

Yeah! it is a commitment of History. It indeed is the resurrection of this Heritage Learning which in fact was dormant for ages together.

Now as we are led by the full realization that there exists the adamant faith and trust that our Heritage Learning will bring about the desired changes in our people by its very application we should uphold and highlight the application or employment of our techniques and not the Doctrines and pursuits of the West.

That is to say 'Truth will survive'

And the deserving and the efficient will always survive.