The NATIONAL BRAIN RESEARCH CENTRE (NBRC) of the Central Government has, through a series of Study and Research, established the fact that repeated recitals and pronouncement of Manthras derived from the letters of Sanskrit as well as other languages akin to Sanskrit do in fact activate the left and right hemispheres of the Brain. However, it is also discovered that if such recitals spring up from the English Language they do activate only the left Hemisphere of the Brain. The said Research was conducted by employing 'Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

(Research by Nandini Chatterjee Singh and Chaitra Rao, National Brain Research Centre, Haryana, India, Journal of Radiology Imaging February 2014, Vol.24, issue 1)

Our ancestors had the actual comprehension that Manthras do possess adequate power to influence and activate various parts of the Brain. And it is because of this positive comprehension that the corresponding study scheme invariably consisted of special Mathras and Beejakshara and it was subsequently discovered that as a result of such training numerous talents and abilities did spring up in the persons undergoing such training programme. In those periods such results were regarded as special abilities or special competency. Then came the period of people who had pawned their intellect and as such they began to consider those feats as something beyond the reach of the five senses or even as the boon of Gods and Deities.

To embrace our Heritage Learning means to embrace and develop our Brain. Then again, the habitual recitals of our prayer in Sanskrit (not the English Translation) itself is a conclusive proof that the Researchers adamantly trust and believe that every Sanskrit word does activate and rejuvenate every part of the human brain.

And these persons, knowing fully well that Sanskrit, the mother of many languages, is quite capable of activating the brain, are perpetually engaged in undermining it. Isn't it a Paradox?

Similarly, in NASA, the Space Research Centre of America also, the Scientists engage in activities in the accompaniment of our Sanskrit Manthras. Yet our Vedas and Manthras are regarded as Products of blind belief and superstitions. Quite a Paradox.