The sweet antidote to become GENIUS

ChairmanThe just and the wise contention that the elephant doesn't know its own strength is also applicable to the Hindu society. And by the same token they remain in perpetual ignorance of their own skill, mastery and efficiency as also of the means by which they could ensure such mastery and efficiency. The matter of comprehending all these is a task for them. And those who try to do something confines their ideas in the casket of belief where they are lulled to sleep. In other words, they fail to realize that those means or ways are not mere customs of belief but they are the proper and adequate means that take them to high positions in the fields of daily life as well as of human deeds. We could safely take it for granted that the Hindu Doctrines never contain chaff; they are full of grains and grains only. And then again, the Vedas and Vedandas that are the very foundation of Hinduism are never to be taken as a silly vocal drill: They are the special tools and devices that are quite capable of activating and rejuvenating every cell in the human brain.

Our Predecessors had, through rigorous and constant practice, gained marvelous abilities. We regard, honour and respect them as possessors of powers beyond the reach of the five senses - those who perform feats that are beyond our reach and power, traversing the magic lands of the past. We do occasionally come across such Hermits who, duly simplifying the tough process, had formulated some sort of a study and practice scheme whereby even the commoners also could perform such enviable feats on their own. The most effective Yoga Technique of Hermit Pathanjali is a good example of such simplified schemes. The said Hermit Pathanjali established the fact that discarding all the items of Coercive and oppressive methods employed in the Ancient period, even meting out physical stress, pain and torment rendered during the tough Meditation performed for pleasing Gods, our former Hermits emerged successful in possessing marvelous powers as manifested in their enviable feats. We could procure such enviable qualities by following simplified ritual observations or otherwise.

One such simplified schemes is the 'Nada Yoga' of the said Hermit Patangali. According to him, while performing Yoga exercises and the 'Natya Yoga' the very process involved therein tends to activate and rejuvenate the various Energy Centers in the human body. And once the said performance is reinforced by the recital of Manthras and the employment of special Nadas or Sound, the "Shadadhara Chakkras", that are the very sources and distribution centers of Energy get activated which in turn activate and intensity the relevant centers in the human brain. And it is when the centers of energy including the 'Anja Chakkra', get properly and adequately charged that the 'Special power' or the 'Indomitable Power' that leads to a number of feats does spring up. In the Indian Philosophy, this process is termed as 'The dawn of the Kundalini Power'.

The Modern Doctrines related to Human Body and Brain reiterate that by virtue of the said exercise and training the Pineal Glands and the Pituitary Glands of the Brain get activated and that is how the said feats are made possible. Modern Science cannot elucidate and conclusively prove the said possibility as it doesn't possess the necessary equipments and devices required. In this regard they have just an EEG and MRI Machine and nothing more. And with the said machine no tangible proof could be made available. The technical experts concerned are presently being approached for making and providing some new items of devices in the said line. Modern Science now pins faith on the conclusion that the Pineal glands and their prompt activation are the root cause for the said enviable feats.

With regard to such enviable feats we do have many theories. There are many Legendary Figures in Indian Epics who had, after a prohibitively long period of hazardous and rigorous Meditation gained boons from Gods and Godesses and had also performed miraculous feats. They also afford us convincing instances in which through the recitals of a single Manthra people had been successful in winning the Kundilini power by virtue of which they could witness Gods in person and perform miracles, owing to the due activation of the relevant parts of their Brain. Repeated recitals during the period of Meditation lift up the concentrated mind of the subject and in those rare moments of ecstasy and solace he is made to merge with the form of the deity he worships and then by the due recitals of Beejakshara his Pineal glands get activated and rejuvenated. And then exactly at that psychological moment of ecstasy and climax his Intuition ability gets rocketed sky-high by virtue of which he identifies and witnesses the object of his worship and gets profusively rewarded by his promoter and savior.

Recitals of Manthras and Profound prayers activate the micro cells and the hundred billion neurons of our Brain by means of which we are safely carried to a rhythmic state of activities - say a state of ecstasy. This state teems with fair thoughts pure love and affection, purity of soul, firm will and strength. And it is at this synthetic situation that the so called feats dawn or originate.

Our Ancestors must have spared a lot of time and trouble on the related Study and Research involved herein. And, to ensure that such rare faculties and feats do go only to the right and deserving hands, they made the procedure and rituals very tough and hard. They were aware of the fact that such powers for exemplary feats, if acquired by wretched persons quite easily, they would bring about annihilation of human beings. Therefore they began to inculcate the lesson. In the early childhood itself and as their wisdom grew up, their conduct and character was put to real tests. And after assessing them professionally the trade began to be imparted to them. The ideal Indian Genius we came across in the past had been moulded in such manner only. In due course, people grew idle and lazy and accordingly the curriculum sustained revision. As such the toughness and hardship that were the chief hurdles in the study scheme got lightened. People liked such simple procedure. And they didn't realize the fact that with the curtailment of the tough portion and the rigorous items of exercise that actually paved the way for more and more activation and sharpening of the intellect got thrown out of the syllabus. As time elapsed this tendency brought about a sharp declination in the number of Genius in our country. And bit by bit our Heritage Learning and Techniques also suffered declination.