The students undergoing the prescribed training programmes invariably develop the sense of Alternate Vision in addition to the normal sense of vision offered by their physical eyes. This is an astonishing positive result that is made tangible on the application of the programme developed in conformity with our Heritage Learning. Through which part of the human body does this rare phenomenon occur is yet a mystery and we have already undertaken a rigorous Study and Research in this direction. It is too early to comment that this could be attributed to the mysterious opening of the Third Eye or the Inner Eye. Dr. Vilayannoor S Ramachandran, of the Californian University's Centre for Brain and Cognition, the leader of the Team of Researchers indulged in the Research on Neurology, Visual Perception, Phantom Limbs, Synathesia, Autism, Body Integrity, Identity Disorder etc (Termed as Markopolo) reiterated that the human brain consists of nearly 32 centers of vision. Our present Research is being directed to the discovery as to which of these 32 centers of visions in the brain is being mysteriously opened once our wards are subjected to the said Training Programme evolved from the Heritage Learning Techniques. The fact is that, presently, with their physical eyes totally closed or blocked off, they could see the objects around them using their inner eye.