THE INDIAN PHILOSOPHY stands apart from all other species of Philosophy in the sense that there it is customary that after having divulged and set out all relevant things involved therein it unequivocally maintains the open exhortation -

"Don't end it here; you must,
of necessity, relentlessly continue
the Search further …"

And, this is the most salient feature that renders the Indian Philosophy more attractive and credible when compared to the other ones. It follows that while the Semitic Religions Pronounce the last word (the final word) thereby infringing upon the right to think further, the Indian Philosophy advocates unending and unfettered thought.

To be more precise and frank, it is the said last exhortation that spurred the sides of our intent and made us undertake the Present Research Programmes.

The Age that first courted the luring sense of physical gains and then grew dissatisfied with 'Aethism' prevailed. Then again, the youth, remaining in the forefront yelling and labeling the Indian Doctrines as irrelevant and impertinent also prevailed, duly engaged in hot debates. There followed the realization that the contentions that are not called in question are nothing but the end results of absurdity and lack of sense involved therein. Further, the spectacle of the henious way in which the laudable divine feats of a few were maliciously and treacherously tarnished and ridiculed, the mind grew restless and cried out in agony: It recited…


An unfettered, independent search… in association with a few like-minded people… formation of the Research Committee on the aspect of Divine wonders…. A considerable quantity of chaff got duly identified… However, a few fair and healthy Rays also got identified in the said process. They couldn't identify and explain as to how such feats occur or spring up. They believe that such deeds do occur owing to some Divine Powers. That incident inflicted a crack in the whole structure of the physical and logical awareness engraved in the brain through a rigorous study till that time. A self observation and search acted as pointers to truth, identified and detected deceitful guys, the working class, loafers, wanderers etc., as also the wretched souls perpetually engaged in the acts of hatred, spite, vengeance etc.

Independent Search! Even when practising as a Psychologist the pursuit of independent search did continue… Concentrating more and more on the abilities exhibited by others, the search did continue trying to solve the question as to whether or not such abilities were confined to their own senses or were they the result of some power caused beyond the jurisdiction of their senses. And presently we are satisfied with the reassuring idea that they are subject to the real control of our senses.

Dissociated with the ways and means of others engaged adamantly in discovering new paths and ways plotted by the self. In a way it was like creating one's own path or way. Bit by bit, the paths and ways divined by the self unmistakably led to the destination and reinforced the sense and intellect programming the mind for specific study.

More often than not we engaged ourselves in searching out the scientific explanations of the things encountered in such search. It was only on such rare occasions that it occurred that almost 96% of the so called Science is nothing but Belief! That is to say that out of the whole chunk of universal phenomena Science could afford explanations only for about 4% of the total quantum. This revelation shall certainly belittle us and ashame us for having mocked at and ridiculed those things for which Science could not offer any explanation whatsoever.

It is now an established fact that there is Scientific Truth behind everything which could be convinced by the self and which could be made convincing to the others provided it unmistakably shows the tendency of repetition. If it fails such estimation and realization it is because of the absence of the needful devices on the part of Science and definitely not the default of the phenomena or the fact of the thing.

The following words of Dr. Albert Einstein become all the more significant here.

The Universe is created and arranged in a wonderful manner in accordance with some unconventional law. Man has not attained enough maturity as to realize and comprehend the secrets of Nature and Universe Completely. Imagine a fabulous Library with a lot of shelves Jammed with books of every description. How could the small children visiting such a Library know and comprehend the contents of those books? The Man, who stares at the Universe wondering about its mystery is just like the child who stays awe-stricken at the sight of the fabulous library. And unfortunately we human beings always fail to comprehend the said Truth.

All our Texts and Ancient Learning had been duly chronicled by our Learned Hermits. Any Person of due resolution could, choosing the right and proper ways, follow those life experiences. Such persons could gain or procure that learning which those hermits secured. As we are frail, we didn't recognize and honour this fact. Science is just a child who, using a small-sized microscope, yearns to examine the whole Universe! And so, if we have to perceive the Indian Heritage Techniques fully well we may have to wait for Ages together to reach the goal. Those phenomena, which could be realized through life experiences and which do have the nature of repetition must be utilized properly for the benefit of the masses. For this purpose, matters must be conveyed to those people who always like to see through the specs of Science in that language itself. And it is just that type of an effort that is being undertaken by the BRAINS.

Genuine and sincere thanks is being extended to all the enlightened Souls, Scientific Researchers, Teachers and Academicians who showered Positive blessings and benediction on us as also to those good souls who reinforced our activities at every point of time.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Bose Sreenivas, MSc (Psy), MSW, PhD
Chairman,The BRAINS