Presently, a unique project involving the induction of Alternate Vision in blind children below the age of 10 years is scheduled to be executed under the guidance of the research personnel of the Board of Research and Analysis in Intuitive Neuro Science (BRINS).


  • The selected candidates shall belong to homesteads having belief and faith in Indian Learning and Rituals and observations thereof.
  • The parents and guardian concerned shall make their own arrangements to see that their wards reach the Training Centre on time.
  • The selected students should strictly be kept away and isolated from children of negative character and conduct.
  • The selected children should adhere strictly to the diet prescribed by the Brains.
  • During the training period, the parents or guardians, as the case may be, shall stay with the child/children except in the school hours. Similarly they shall without fail, convey the respective Wards, as instructed, to the Learning Centers in which the admission is granted till good results ensue.

Interested parents and guardians may kindly contact us