• ChairmanCENTURIES BACK, India was the Sun of learning and the whole world stood knocking at her door: Yeah! The whole world regarded India with awe, wonder and respect. For, India was to them the one and only one Torch emitting flames of knowledge and wisdom that literally blinded them. India, then, was the abode of a long series of Acharyas or Teachers with an immense treasure of knowledge and learning. The people in the whole world knew for certain that after the relentless pursuit of knowledge the world invariably conquer the lofty towers of learning thereby gaining the treasure of feats. Certainly India was a riddle wonder! And it was this rare and distinguished treasure of knowledge and expertise that made great men like Jesus Christ come to India for attaining perfection in spiritual feats.

    All these were the results of the training programmes of ancient India that could exploit the brain power and efficiency and extract it effectively as manifested in enhanced intellectual faculty. And the letters and Manthras we developed for attaining the desired results were splendid and miraculous! And we emerged successful in conclusively proving that there is nothing impossible and unattainable under the Sun and over the earth.

    However, the pride of Learning intoxicated us. We believed the malicious propaganda of those who wanted to conquer us and in the said process we extinguished ourselves the eternal flame of our Heritage Learning and Techniques. In other, words, in utter ignorance we indulged ourselves in this foolish act of dancing to the tune set and fixed by others- Just puppets in the hands of others! We exchanged our treasure of Heritage Learning for a few nickels- the foolish lot! Folly on folly's head!

    And the result? All that was our divine BOON turned out to be stone and mutton!

    When they declared our belief as unscientific we applauded them thinking foolishly that they were right in their contention. We who led the world to enlightenment by teaching that Soul is everything' rendered ourselves to the position of creatures without soul, and began to worship Science without soul. When they indulged in the broadcast of our Heritage Learning as superstitious, we supported their contention. Further, we maintained that Truth and Belief be synthetic.

    We ridiculed ourselves and tortured ourselves. We turned out to be self-pitying, self despising and deceitful. We even became bonded slaves.

    However, when the pearls of knowledge from our long lost Heritage Learning were subsequently displayed before us, (under different scientific labels) as new discoveries, our joy knew no bounds and we adorned them with garlands. And we placed them in an elevated position of honour and esteem. And even then, we never failed to ridicule our Heritage Learning from the depth of which only they came out with the marvelous results that dazzled our eyes! For, we then knew that what the Westerner contends after due studies really belong to the species of Science and all others fall short of scientific truth.

    We never heard the word of the renowned Scientist Albert Einstein properly who reiterated that in the absence of 'Bhagavad Gita' he could never stumble on the revolutionary equation E =MC2.

    It is the proper comprehension that our Heritage Learning is a treasure of scientific truths that made the Westerners steal our Heritage, dive deep into them, subject them to untiring Study and Research for deriving baffling and astonishing end results. And as they adamantly adhered to the said procedure it became a part and parcel of their own life.

    We, who claim to be Believers of Science, interpret our own Heritage Learning as cheap books filled with superstitious belief of religion, and throw them to the dust bin. We isolate those who pursue such Heritage Leaning as well as those who advocate them, chastise and ridicule them and even deny their right to live.

    There are resourceful parties with the Vested interest of keeping our motherland perpetually as a lucrative market of monopoly. They are quite aware that if we retrace our steps, realize the truth and significance of our Heritage Learning and if we indulge in due Study and Research therein we will grow wise and resourceful and deprive them of their present advantageous position. To escape from such danger, they perpetually engage propagators whose duty is to tarnish our Heritage Learning and make us detest and hate our own ancient learning and they liberally compensate such agents for the said purpose. Presently we do identify such malicious propagators and spies in disguise.

    by Dr BIJU N BHMS,MSc(Psy),PhD
    Executive Director, BRAINS

  • Our Heritage Education invariably possesses the rare ability of prompting us towards the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. The Training Programmes associated with the said educational process were quite adequate to activate, rejuvenate and develop all parts of human brain alike.

  • The NATIONAL BRAIN RESEARCH CENTRE (NBRC) of the Central Government has, through a series of Study and Research, established the fact that repeated recitals and pronouncement of Manthras derived from the letters of Sanskrit as well as other languages akin to Sanskrit do in fact activate the left and right hemispheres of the Brain. However, it is also discovered that if such recitals spring up from the English Language they do activate only the left Hemisphere of the Brain. The said Research was conducted by employing 'Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

    (Research by Nandini Chatterjee Singh and Chaitra Rao, National Brain Research Centre, Haryana, India, Journal of Radiology Imaging February 2014, Vol.24, issue 1)

    Our ancestors had the actual comprehension that Manthras do possess adequate power to influence and activate various parts of the Brain. And it is because of this positive comprehension that the corresponding study scheme invariably consisted of special Mathras and Beejakshara and it was subsequently discovered that as a result of such training numerous talents and abilities did spring up in the persons undergoing such training programme. In those periods such results were regarded as special abilities or special competency. Then came the period of people who had pawned their intellect and as such they began to consider those feats as something beyond the reach of the five senses or even as the boon of Gods and Deities.

    To embrace our Heritage Learning means to embrace and develop our Brain. Then again, the habitual recitals of our prayer in Sanskrit (not the English Translation) itself is a conclusive proof that the Researchers adamantly trust and believe that every Sanskrit word does activate and rejuvenate every part of the human brain.

    And these persons, knowing fully well that Sanskrit, the mother of many languages, is quite capable of activating the brain, are perpetually engaged in undermining it. Isn't it a Paradox?

    Similarly, in NASA, the Space Research Centre of America also, the Scientists engage in activities in the accompaniment of our Sanskrit Manthras. Yet our Vedas and Manthras are regarded as Products of blind belief and superstitions. Quite a Paradox.

  • It is our Research as to how Nada Yoga and Natya Yoga recitals of Manthras etc of our Heritage Learning Techniques could afford us some remedies for the learning problems that constantly confront the student community that landed us in a host of wonderful and marvelous findings. When these techniques were applied to the students as a part of their study scheme, the changes that occurred in them were quite baffling. Many additional qualities were spotted in them. They exhibited a sharp rise in the degrees of concentration, enthusiasm, grasping capacity, interest in study etc.

    Lack of interest in study and idleness seemed to evaporate.

    Love, mercy, the milk of human kindness etc. accelerated.

    The ability to grasp things quickly, rapid read ability and intuition ability showed a sharp rise.

    Inherent talents exhibited a reasonable rise.

    In addition to all these, to our surprise and wonder, we detected the development and growth of an Alternate Vision among them!

    If, as a result of a training programme such results occurred, what would be the result of a more extensive and effective training period on long term basis? This made us think deep about the probabilities and possibilities.

    Our former ancestors enviably procured the position of the 'Light of the World' as also of the position of the luminous stars of knowledge and wisdom by the application of our Heritage Learning and Techniques. And similarly our ancient hermits are the discoverers of a host of discoveries that even now also could not be satisfactorily interpreted.

    The Indian Archeological Researchers, through their excavations in accordance with the modern standards, at Kali, Bangal, Bhagvan, Puri, Bahargal, Chinjulagaro, Mohanjadaro, (in accordance with Gregar, Muller, Counter, Isotope etc.) reiterate that the Indian Vedas existed even in the early period of BC. 8275. Even before the said period it is just possible that the Vedas might have been in existence by way of express communication as also by way of observations. What a gravity and long standing nature our Indian Vedas possess! The research conducted on students by the BRAINS brought to light the relevancy and propriety of a deep and systematic Research on the subject matter, especially on the effect of the Heritage Learning induction on the different parts of human brain. Our experiences in this direction conclusively uphold the finding that no other means exist there for the ultimate purpose of activating and rejuvenating the brain parts that could compete with the said research conducted by us. And it is under these circumstances that the BRAINS came into being as a research foundation on the basis of a co-operative movement of a host of researchers for the purpose of engaging in a relentless toil in conjunction with Indian Culture, Modern Science and Indian Philosophy.

    The main topic of study here is that of the assessment and determination as to how and to what extent does our Heritage Learning and techniques influence, activate and rejuvenate the human brain. In addition to this, a deep and systematic study and research was taken up on Intuition resulting from the induction of Heritage Learning on the human brain as also the development of the so called 'Alternate Vision' so as to bring to light the manner in which and the extent to which such Phenomena are caused. Then again, the BRAINS shall also be instrumental in reinstating the lost or forfeited Heritage Learning and Techniques as also to inculcate the New Generation the said system and techniques thereby adding grace and fame to the Indian Union.

    One of the major problems the BRAINS has to pass and circumvent is that presently the modern Science hasn't in its possession any viable equipments, devices and the like for locating, identifying and determining the way in which and the extent to which the so called Heritage Learning, when inducted in the human brain, brings into play. The mere fact that there are no instruments or tools does not tear away or deny the presence of Science behind the end results arrived at. It is connected to the relevant science only. The BRAINS Researchers who explored the market in search of the required tools and instruments naturally met with disappointment. Searches conclusively proved the fact that the people who claim and assert that there are all the tools and tackles, devices and equipments required for proving anything under the sum and over the earth and that nothing that isn't so confirmed and asserted could be regarded as Science, belong to the group of 'Blind Believer's of Science. It is ascertained with certainty that the end results of the host of Researches conducted on the subject matter conform to exactitude. In addition to this they exhibit constant repetition. And it is of common knowledge that anything that indicates or show repetition in itself amounts to the species of Science.

    We are convinced that the journey is long, tough and hazardous- full of pits and falls problems and hurdles and that we are urged forward to reach the desired goal. We are quite conscious of this fact which we absorbed during the short term through which we have passed. However, this journey cannot be and shall not be terminated in its course. With doubled and redoubled vigor and momentum we have to proceed ahead with the task, mastering all the problems that try to devour us. And we are sure to succeed. For, the ultimate goal is of harnessing our long lost Heritage Learning and extracting its bounties to the fullest extent for the benefit of the community at large, nay, of the suffering humanity.

    Yeah! That reward is not menial! It is a sublime one. And further, we are not all alone or the destitute. The prayer and prompt support of the Philanthropic multitude will, even after the accomplishment of the task, continue to fortify us. And it shall be the success of our Indian Union.