We are the heir's of those highly enlightened Hermits who unto the world once declared -

"Untainted and uncoloured well-being and bounty be showered on the whole lot of world citizens......" (Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu)

"Our blessed ancestors were quite happy and contented with the whole world as their sole 'homestead'. (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam)

The then existed languages were many: yet all of them invariably proclaimed "Unity in Diversity".

"Our esteemed culture never advocated individual gains.

"Even the inanimate things also come to be represented in the general term 'WE'.

But, gone are those times - and gone are those endearing attributes.

"Yeah ! We human beings are totally devoid of humanism.

'The wholesome feeling of Common Good has fled to the wilderness of the desert".

"To be more precise – we are now devoid of the mighty that once made us lead the world as a result of which presently we are being led....."

There was a time when the world knocked at our door for Knowledge and Learning. And presently, we sit back relaxed, anticipating the arrival of every item of Knowledge and Learning from the WEST! Isn't it a paradox?

We have turned ourselves to the status of detestable people, with open mouth, in anticipation of a bite of food, infront of the treacherous and scheming persons ignorant of the value of effort – setting trap for us.

Even when our heritage Indian Techniques became the root cause of marvelous discoveries for the westerners, as a result of which most people regard them as their own valuable property, a casual remark about our Heritage Learning and Techniques also makes us restless, angry and ashamed.

Then again, when one advocates the cause of our Heritage Techniques or when one gets attracted towards such Heritage Techniques, occupying a position close behind the row of people entrusted to retaliate, ridicule and crucify such supporters, we enact the drama of attack, threat and destruction and even try to pluck out their tongues too.

Presently we could identify and detect no other pleasure except that peculiar sense of pleasure we derive while we ridicule, tarnish, chastise and defame the Holy men and Hermits labeling them as "the wretched primitive folks". Discarding, rejecting and ridiculing those items of knowledge, learning and techniques that protect and safeguard the Life Force and even the Life Span, we are perpetually engaged in the pursuit of those items of Techniques that do undermine the very Life Force itself.


  • We turned ourselves to the status of a people – sans – intellectual growth!
  • a people -sans -reason.
  • a people of illusion.
  • a people -sans -patience.
  • a people-sans-far reaching vision.
  • a people-sans-insight.
  • a people with the meanial tendency of submission.
  • a people-sans-irrebuttable logic.
  • a people-sans-will power.
  • a people-sans-fair moral sense.
  • a people-sans-the love for fraternity.
  • a people-sans-mercy.
  • a people with the expression of a devil.
  • a people incapable of self analysis and self assessment.
  • a people with no health and immunity.

Being rational beings we must certainly salute, respect and honour the Learning and Philosophies that upheld the Universal truth that 'Man be the exact replica of his own mind' and further revealed us the real sense of the mind and the soul and made us convinced of their constancy and strength. However, we now have acquired the status of a foolish people nursing the foolish idea that as the so called mind is intangible and quite invisible, we need not bother or consider it as something of essence. Thus, We, who are filled with the irresistible craving for the soulless philosophies, losing humanity, have been transformed not only stone but also to mutton.

Purity, values and intimacy deserted relations rendering us to the position of automation. The Heritage Indian Techniques postulates that mind's might being the man's might, it could be made constant and concrete by virtue of which even the impossible also could be made possible. And incidentally, it is of common knowledge that in the long past there had been such a generation that substantiated the said facts.

At this late hour at least, we have to realize that our ancient Heritage Techniques had been instrumental in sharpening the mind and the brain.

Even our languages also had been a marvelous tonic for our brain. Modern Researches do testify that Sanskrit as well as the other languages derived from Sanskrit activate and rejuvenate the right and left hemispheres of the brain. However, the same modern Researches uphold the findings that the English language activates only the left hemisphere of the brain. This fact does bring to light the exact reason as to why we Indians are bestowed with more intellectual power than that is possessed by the Britishers .Further, it is an established fact that it is because of the constant exercise of our languages that the elements of creativity, imagination, holistic thinking, intuition, arts, Rhythm, feelings, visualization and the like in us are of the highest caliber when compared to the rest of the human race. It is because of these characteristics that the Indian Researchers are always welcome in every Research Centre that is to be found in this Universe. To conclude it might be maintained that Sanskrit that does activate the Brian beyond all limits set so far could turn back the needles of the clock successfully.

As the first and foremost step, let us reinstate our mother tongue as well as the Sanskrit language effectively. With this, the left and right hemispheres of the Brain acquire optimum level of efficiency in terms of performance. Along with this, commence training in Heritage Techniques at the very early stage of life. Every item of training enhances their inherent talents and abilities.

The mind of the genius gets more and more strong and tough. The will power goes on increasing. Their thoughts become mighty and profound. Their acute vision assumes more and more strength. Their faculty of Intuition intensifies. Bit by bit, slow, by slow our younger generation also will be elevated to the status of the greatest contemporary genius. And when every child in this, vast and mighty Indian Union is afforded such a treatment, India, our dear little Nation will once again acquire the status of the Sole 'source of knowledge'.

To attain the said enviable stage a series of our preconceived ideas and understanding have to undergo an effective process of rectification and correction. Dependency must be neutralized. We have to be on guard perpetually and keep ourselves immune from the onslaught of fraud and deceit that render us to the position of idiots and fools.

We have to be our own masters and we have to identify our own self. For the purpose of identifying and realizing the gravity, relevancy and significance of our Heritage Techniques, they are to be arranged and presented in accordance with the modern scientific facts.

Then again, they are to be introduced to the masses in such a way as to maintain their true and original essence and core and that too adopting the scientific way. And it is this task that the Brains takes up on its own volition by entering upon the needy Study and Research for achieving its long cherished object.

"A truly mighty India of the genius -that is the dream of The BRAINS" Won't it be materialized ? yech! Certainly.